When Brandi Marino, a.k.a. The Assassin moved to Dallas in the Spring 2010, BEYOND was born. She combined her passion to help people and fitness experience to develop a fiercely independent, highly imaginative, determined-to-the-core concept focused on empowering and inspiring people to make changes beyond her wildest expectations.


By combining passionate instructors, energizing music and the drive to shake it up a bit, “The Killer” workout took the Dallas fitness world by storm. Now, hundreds of people come into BEYOND studios every day to workout and connect with their friends.


Why go BEYOND?

The Assassin preaches that diversity in your fitness routine is the way to reach your goals, inside and out. That’s why BEYOND introduced the new concept, BEYOND Pedaling, in 2012. This inventive and original indoor cycling studio guarantees you a heart-pumping, intense and mind-freeing workout. It’s the perfect diverse addition to your BEYOND Pilates studio strength training routine.


We take pride in the fact that we know our clients by name. We make changes that bring smiles. We encourage you to become a part of our family. At BEYOND, long-lasting friendships and killer bodies are one in the same.


We’re inspired by the talented work of many fitness individuals, and we strive to preserve and protect their methods. But we promise to seamlessly combine those principles with new, exciting fitness developments to meet today’s client needs. We believe in constant evolution, continuous innovation and genuine care. It’s what makes us different, and it’s felt each time you walk through our door.